Monday, January 20, 2014

The Disingenuous Adventure of Professor Grayson

This post appears in the Feb. 6 edition of First Things online


  1. One might also add that Prof. Grayson followed his decision to publicize a private request with a decision to poll his undergraduate class on their attitude to the request for accommodation. Dr. Grayson surely understands the consequences of undertaking research -- even informal, unscientific research such as his classroom poll -- without ethical clearance from the University. Imagine the impact on the student who made the request to have a religious accommodation to be aired in this fashion. Dr. Grayson might spend some time reading the ethics rules at his own institution.

  2. Good point David. I had overlooked it. Amazing that some people need rules to substitute for common sense...

  3. This from the latest issue University Affairs may be of interest: