Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Checking in

Not so much activity around this blog lately, which I regret, since I want to ramp up the writing here as a series of test run bits for various other more official writing projects. But .... I am Interim chair of our department at the moment, and so I'm preoccupied with the minutiae of department life in addition to teaching and everything else.

However, some things have not gone unobserved!
For starters, have a chuckle at this witty and fairly accurate account of theological dialectics by Kim Fabricius - probably more descriptively true than many of us in the 'profession' care to admit: The Divine Flu

And just now, I have begun to read this serious review of a book on secularism and religion. The reviewer is David Martin whose reviews over at the TLS are often brilliant: Post-Secular? It depends on what you mean and where you look.

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