Thursday, April 23, 2009

A.N. Wilson

If you haven't heard, A.N. Wilson, writer and culture vulture extraordinaire has become a Christian (again) after years of atheist sojourning.

Read his personal account - it's confessional in places. Fascinating.

Notice his rhetoric about the media and the chattering classes? Canada's media outlets are this close to being as deceitful as the UK's... I would say.

Here is something a bit more substantial. Notice how reflection upon God only arises in Wilson's mind once the debate over human beings has really been sorted out. This is like reading a little propaedeutic to a book on theological anthropology. And once he's tackled love, suffering, music, Bonhoeffer, Gandhi and language (themes and exemplars of human uniqueness - in contrast to neo-Darwinism, take note), he goes straight to christology. Incredible.

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