Friday, December 5, 2008

Wendell Berry & Herman Daly... almost live

Here is something a bit off the beaten track [for this blog]: the transcript from a panel discussion concerning agriculture and the support that could be provided for a different kind of rural economy, but with some gems about education, moral choices and all the other predicaments that attend the relationships between these things. Go to around pp. 13-14 for some really good chuckles... at the expense of certain economists I might add.


  1. It would have been interesting to hear a conversation between Lonergan and Berry. I liked his book about EO Wilson (Your life's a miracle, speak yet again!), and a conversation between Wilson and Lonergan would have been fun too!

  2. That was a good book, yes. Berry is an American icon and I wish he was paid more attention to. I think what makes him so sensible yet so radical is his understanding of subsidiarity. This is something Lonergan promoted albeit through different categories.