Friday, November 18, 2011

Sister Valsa John, R.I.P.

From this morning's Globe

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  1. Shame on the BJP government of Jharkhand. Shame Anna & team so called crusaders against corruption. Illegal mining and mafia control over mines in Jharkhand is rampant. Politicians in Jharkhand have the shares in the illegal mining and also in collusion with mining companies, contractors and mafia. Government has sold off the natural wealth to the mafias. BJP leaders are no better than Madhu Koda.

    Imagine the situation; a lone lady is fighting against the powerful mining mafias patronized by politicians and businessmen. Land of the tribals are forcefully taken away by the govt agencies, the mining mafias, and the tribal are left with no land, no water, no electricity and no livelihood. Roads, rail lines, dams, colonies, power centers are build only to help load and transport mines out from the state. Jobs created in the factories and mines are captured by non-tribal. Cities are accommodated with people from outside Jharkhand. Express and passenger trains are run only to facilitated migrated people in the state.

    India is growing and progressing, but tribals who lost their land and livelihood are left to live in utter poverty and negligence.

    Sacrifice of Sister Valsa John deserve our salutation, and immediate intervention from the civil rights and UN agencies. Anna & team should be ashamed of being selective in fighting corruption and loot of national wealth.